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Treasures and Keepsakes in your Recipe Box

Do you have keepsakes and treasures in your recipe box.  A few nights ago, while making dinner, and reminiscing about a friend from the past, I remembered a recipe that she gave to me fifty years ago.  I started to think how much we are connected to each other through food.   In my recipe […]

Empty Bowls Butte Emergency Food Bank Event

What a community Event.  Great support for a needy cause.  Empty Bowls is an annual dinner event supporting the Butte Emergency Food Bank’s Backpack Program. You can enjoy a bowl of soup donated by local businesses with family and friends. When you take home a ceramic bowl, you are reminded that you help fill someone […]

Inspirational Butte Woman – Jeanette Kappes

Jeanette Kappes is an amazing young woman.  I met Jeanette many years ago when I worked with her sister, Tina.  Jeanette graduated from Butte High School.  She moved out of town and was employed by Nordstrom’s.  I think she must have grown to like the finer things of life while there.  She eventually returned to […]

Beautiful Butte Irish Lady – Fran O’Farrell

Fran O’Farrell I met Fran O’Farrell about 40 years ago when we were both Avon representatives.  Fran was at the top of the list of successful saleswomen in that organization; proven by her friends, supporters and the many awards she received.  She had a large collection of Avon specialties;  won many trips and was a […]

Inspirational Butte Women – Christina Willis

Christina Willis is an inspirational young woman.  She is the designer of beautiful gift items by “To Tell The Truth Designs” on Etsy;  and, she is the store manager of a Butte store “Crafters Square and Pet Central” on Montana Street.  Christina moved to Butte from California and is actively pursuing a career in design, […]

Orna-Metal De-Signs

   Orna-metal De-Signs by Beautiful Butte Print on metal! When you select our prints which are printed on a brilliant bright, clear, glossy white base, we will showcase your image while maintaining true white and brilliant colors that pop! Our prints are designed especially for you.  They come in sizes 8 x 10 to 30 […]

NEWS – BEAUTIFUL BUTTE PRODUCTS are now available at Crafters Square Pet Central

               Beautiful Butte Products are now available at Crafter’s Square Pet Central, 319 S. Montana Street, Butte, Montana We are proud to announce that Crafters Square and Pet Central are now carrying our Beautiful Butte Products.  Crafters Square and Pet Central is a unique store located at 319 S. Montana Street in Butte, Montana (across […]

Beautiful Butte Ladies – An Inspiration To All

 Lauretta Bontifiglio – Artist – Sculptor – Lady It was a pleasure for me when two years ago at the Farmer’s Market in Uptown Butte, I met Lauretta Bontifiglio.  At first, I was just admiring her work and we started a conversation about the past, present and her interests.  As time went on, in the […]

Valentine’s Day – Share the Love

                 These are some of my treasured pictures.   Beautiful children,  loving sentiments and gratefulness. It’s the first sign that winter is over – Valentine’s Day.  Time to share the love.  Yes, we have many beautiful gifts in our shop, both locally and on line.  Gifts for the special people in your lives.  What does “share […]

Beautiful Butte Ladies – Bette Larsen

My Friend Bette Larsen Many years ago, I met this very shy lady while working in a physician’s office.  She was a med tech and came into the office to do lab work.   Later, I discovered that she lived just around the corner from me.  We became friends through work, church, children,  marriage encounter […]

Gathering of the Gaels at the Original

     The idea for the reunion was born when we two friends, who had not seen one another in years, decided to take a walk through the neighborhoods of our youth.  Along this walk, we would stop and reflect on who lived where, which kids we played with, bike paths we rode on, lots we […]

Gifts Given and Gifts Received

      Blessings have always been a part of my life.  As a young person and early adult I didn’t appreciate how fortunate I was to have had the experiences and the people who were in my life.   In retrospect, many people touched my life in different ways, my parents, relatives, friends, teachers,  and […]

Priceless at the Farmers Market

The Farmers Market was a lot of fun today.  It was overcast, cloudy and rain in the morning.  All of the vendors showed up from all over, such as Choteau, Utah and many other places.  We always have a great time, seeing people we have not seen for a long time and meeting visitors to […]

Memorial Keepsakes

Beautiful Butte has begun to make memorial keepsake boxes for those families who have lost their loved ones.  We just recently presented these boxes to Wayrynen-Richards funeral home, Duggan Dolan Mortuary and Axelson Alternative Cremation and they have agreed to offer this keepsake to the families they serve.  We are very excited about this opportunity […]

Beautiful Butte’s Montana Folk Festival

The Festival City Butte Montana MONTANA FOLK FESTIVAL Beautiful Butte Montana just experienced a wonderful three days of folk music from all over the world. Just to show a touch of the music we enjoyed are the band of Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys. Jeffery Broussard is one of the most dynamic performers in […]

Butte’s Cutest

Cambree  Evyn and Harper I had a great experience this past week. Three sweet little girls around 4 years old participated in the annual local Dynamic Dance and Tumbling show at our Beautiful Butte Mother Lode Theatre. Watched these three get their hair done at Salon 3 by one of their moms. The other moms […]

Motherly Love

On this most beautiful day in beautiful Butte, Montana, I am reminded of so many blessings that have been given to me and there are some thoughts I would like to share. Now that Mother’s Day is almost here, I’d like to share my insights which are from the experiences in my lifetime.  Where would […]

Canvas Prints

What is so special about a canvas print? A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto a canvas which is either stretched and framed or gallery wrapped and displayed, Canvas prints may be the focal of an interior design or customized with personal photographs and hung in various arrangements. The canvas print material […]

What is the meaning of “Keepsakes”

What does the word “keepsake” mean to me? When you look at that little gift that your grandmother gave to you when you were very young. Does it bring back memories of her smile and her gentle way? Does it bring tears to your eyes when you look at something your young son or daughter […]

Happy New Year Everyone

We hope to bring the past into the present and then into the future for 2014 through the eye of our lens. It has been a wonderful 2013 and we thank everyone who supported us. We love what we do and hope you enjoy our visions as we see them. We will continue to show […]