Beautiful Butte Celebrates 2nd Anniversary Sale

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This month, we are celebrating the second anniversary of our business.  I began this adventure in August of 2012.   I had many pictures of flowers from a trip to Pennsylvania and feeling melancholy because they were so beautiful and no one would ever get to see them.  One day I woke up and told my husband  I was going to start a business; he had been through this several times before.  And so it all began.  I asked my son Matt to help me with a website and he did,  many times and still is, until we found what we liked and it felt right.   I cannot thank my family and friends enough for all the support.

At first it started as a hobby; but then it grew and progressed as I became further involved.  Matt helped me with a new website and it was a lot of work.  He designed the site many nights after work and in between keeping his own online business updated.  I had many helpful hints from others along with my own ideas, and he put it together for me. Then my son Scott decided he liked taking pictures as he travels throughout the state of Montana.  So I began to increase the number of products with various other pictures from Scott and lots of help from Matt.  The business began to progress to where it is today.

I had so much support from my friends and family.  Carmella at the Petunia Factory and Denise from Chuck’s Custom Floors were the first ladies to purchase gifts and encouraged me all the way.  The same is true of Monica Evans of Cavanaugh’s County Celtic store; Rose from Instyprints; Karen at Joe’s Pasties; Stephanie Sorini at the Chamber of Commerce; Heidi Rosenleaf and John and Courtney McKee for our first photography show; and many others..  Also, Sue Clark Jones from the Made in Montana Program helped me so much.  Tammy, the lady who does my sublimation is so wonderful to work with and an expert in her field.  We only discovered her on the internet by accident; Matt, typed in a word one night and there she was.  I would not have a business if it were not for her.  It has been an exciting and very rewarding journey.  I must give thanks to my most talented sons who share their knowledge with me every day, as well as their talents; and, of course, my husband, who encourages me and supports me every step of the way, as usual.  He is the strong man of the group and is always by my side when I need him.  I am so grateful to all the businesses who supported me and still do when they did not even know who I was and if I would be around for long term.  The customers have been the best and open to our products and gifts.  It has been so much fun, and a lot of work, for all of us and we hope to continue to grow and provide the best quality and most unique gifts we can.  Our keepsakes are a legacy for all to express your love and memories.  Our sale is on until the end of August and is $5.00 off your order and there may be a free shipping bonus on some products.   Hopefully, you enjoy visiting with us at the Farmer’s Market and elsewhere, as well as online at our gift shop.

That’s what memories are made of!


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