Beautiful Butte Irish Lady – Fran O’Farrell


Fran O’Farrell

I met Fran O’Farrell about 40 years ago when we were both Avon representatives.  Fran was at the top of the list of successful saleswomen in that organization; proven by her friends, supporters and the many awards she received.  She had a large collection of Avon specialties;  won many trips and was a proud representative of the company.  I was just a novice so I had the privilege to learn a lot of important sales tips from Fran.  It so happened that Fran lives around the corner from my home and we saw each other often.  She also supplied all the wonderful products to most of the women where I was employed. 

Fran told me recently that she was born in a car on the road between two California cities.  Her mother had decided to take a trip when she was 9 months pregnant with Fran.  I suggested maybe that is why she is so tough and always on the go.  Fran is a person who just doesn’t sit back and wait for life to happen; she makes her own happiness and is a pleasure to be around.  I met Fran when her late husband Babe was still alive.  They were an energetic couple.  They loved to travel in their motor home, when it wasn’t as fashionable as it is today.  They were avid golfers and both had an enthusiasm for living.  Fran is a devout catholic and you can see her in church on any given day.  Not only is Fran still a saleslady for Avon, even though she is over 90 years old; but, she for many years drove a school bus; and every year she puts out her signs and sells cherries from the Flathead Valley from her son’s orchard.   Everyone in Butte looks forward to that season.  

She is a proud supporter of her family.  She is always involved in the community and helping others.   A few years ago she was named Grand Marshal of the St. Patrick’s Day parade; well deserving.  I will always remember Fran.  She represents the spirit of a woman with the desire to make others happy, a family person and a pleasure to be around.  She represents faith, family and love.  Her smile is always a welcome sight, her laugh is contagious and she always dresses for the occasion, whether it’s a green hat or a red hat.

That’s what Memories are made of!


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    I’ve known Fran for many years and she still sells Avon to our office. She is an inspiration as she ages with grace and enthusiasm for life.


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