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My Friend Bette Larsen

Many years ago, I met this very shy lady while working in a physician’s office.  She was a med tech and came into the office to do lab work.   Later, I discovered that she lived just around the corner from me.  We became friends through work, church, children,  marriage encounter and other social events.  Bette’s husband John worked with my husband at what was then the Montana Power Company.   I was the den mother of the Cub Scouts which included her son Michael and my son Matt.  We lost track of each other during the following years as our careers took us in different directions.  We would meet up at the various Montana Power functions and enjoyed visiting.

After retirement I met Bette again and we renewed our friendship.  I learned so much about Bette.  She is a devoted Roman Catholic and a true Irishwoman.  She loves to write and has most recently finished a book.  She has been very involved in genealogy and started her research about 40 years ago.  She took a trip to Ireland by herself a few years ago and wrote a short story about it.  She gave me a copy to read and it was one of the most delightful things I have read.  She describes her visit in such an amusing way, holding your interest and smiling as she travels throughout this beautiful country.

I learned that Bette was an airplane pilot in her younger years.  Marriage was never in her plan.  When she met John; they fell in love and were married.  She had her first child when she was 40 and her second a few years later.  She continued her career and enjoyed her life as a mother and wife.   She was always involved with her childrens’ activities and encouraged them to explore and try new things.  She is always there for them.  Bette loved her career and later became the person in charge at St. James Lab.  Even though she was a working woman, she devoted many hours to her family and friends.

Bette has not been well for several years; however, when in her company you would never know.  She has defied all odds and survived the physicians’ predictions.

I cannot praise this wonderful woman enough.  Even though we did not see each other for several years, we remained friends.  She never ceases to amaze me.  This small,  shy woman has accomplished more in her lifetime than most of us would be courageous enough to try.  If I had to describe her, it would be that she is a most spunky, inquisitive, intelligent woman and a joy to be around.  Bette is not very organized in her day-to-day practices, mostly because she has so many interests.   She enjoys the Butte Archives and never loses her enthusiasm for learning new things.   Bette loves to cook, visit, share her stories and listen to yours.  I am so blessed that Bette has been a part of my life and she has taught me so much; we are quite different personalities, but we seem to meld somehow.  I admire her tenacity, her love of life and her welcoming personality.

Bette is most certainly one of Butte’s most beautiful ladies who has contributed so much to this community and those she meets and befriends.

There is so much that I could write about this woman; however, space does not allow it.  I am grateful that she has been my friend and she will always be in my heart.

That’s what memories are made of!



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