Beautiful Butte’s Montana Folk Festival

The Festival City

Butte Montana

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Beautiful Butte Montana just experienced a wonderful three days of folk music from all over the world. Just to show a touch of the music we enjoyed are the band of Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys. Jeffery Broussard is one of the most dynamic performers in the genre of Creole Zydeco music. The band was one of the most enjoyable, creating an atmosphere of fun, dancing, and beautiful music. A pleasure to look forward to seeing again. Visit their website,

Another group of musicians we are glad we did not miss are the Mariachi Reyna De Los Angeles. These wonderful ladies make up the first all female mariachi in the United States. These ladies were a pleasure to watch, hear and share in their beautiful music. You can visit their website at

There were over 250 many talented musicians. The festival is a wonderful time for families to bring their children and  share a wonderful experience together.  There were six stages, regional and ethnic food, craftspeople and dancers.  There was a great dance pavilion and a wonderful family area sponsored by the World Museum of Mining all celebrated among our beautiful mountains and background of the Rockies. The Montana Folk Festival is a celebration of music, dance, art and cultural traditions. The festival is a FREE EVENT and will be celebrated again next year. People from all over the world join the residents of this community and together we celebrate. We are so blessed to be able to accomplish this event with the help of all volunteers who did a wonderful job in transporting guests from one event to another; up and down the high hills where we live. They provided bus rides, golf cart rides and the weather was a warm 80 or above degrees. We witnessed a slight rain shower on Friday, but it did not dampen the spirits of anyone. A big thanks to everyone who made these three days possible.

That’s what memories are made of!


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