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The Grass Is Always Greener Right?

Buddha once said that the way to happiness is actually quite simple; the secret is to learn to want what you have and not want what you don’t have. To me this rings true, although it has taken me almost 47 years to figure it out. Just last night I was tagged in a post from this […]

But All You Do Is Press A Button

Someone said to me the other night. “You have beautiful pictures, I can’t wait to get a camera like yours.” I was very flattered and it made me think. It wasn’t very long ago I thought the very same thing. If I had a better camera I could just push a button and take amazing […]

Happy New Year

Hello all. I hope this new year finds you well. I thought it was way past time I got on here and wrote something. Or at the very least posted some of the pictures I’ve taken recently. Like the rest of you, life seems to get in the way of our hobbies and free time. […]

Our Redesigned Website has Arrived

  Feeling very happy today as Matt launched our redesigned website which he has been working hard at producing. Scott and I have been working hard also on the outside to bring our “favorite things” directly to our customers. As I reminisce today looking back to 2012 when we began our journey, I think of […]

Treasures and Keepsakes in your Recipe Box

Do you have keepsakes and treasures in your recipe box.  A few nights ago, while making dinner, and reminiscing about a friend from the past, I remembered a recipe that she gave to me fifty years ago.  I started to think how much we are connected to each other through food.   In my recipe […]

Empty Bowls Butte Emergency Food Bank Event

What a community Event.  Great support for a needy cause.  Empty Bowls is an annual dinner event supporting the Butte Emergency Food Bank’s Backpack Program. You can enjoy a bowl of soup donated by local businesses with family and friends. When you take home a ceramic bowl, you are reminded that you help fill someone […]

Inspirational Butte Woman – Jeanette Kappes

Jeanette Kappes is an amazing young woman.  I met Jeanette many years ago when I worked with her sister, Tina.  Jeanette graduated from Butte High School.  She moved out of town and was employed by Nordstrom’s.  I think she must have grown to like the finer things of life while there.  She eventually returned to […]