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Cambree  Evyn and Harper

I had a great experience this past week. Three sweet little girls around 4 years old participated in the annual local Dynamic Dance and Tumbling show at our Beautiful Butte Mother Lode Theatre. Watched these three get their hair done at Salon 3 by one of their moms. The other moms decorated their little faces with makeup and they were feeling like little princesses. How cute – they were the epitome of excitement, laughter, fun, smiles, energy and just being young. The excitement was contagious and it would be wonderful if we could all experience this significant time in their lives just to make us feel good. It is sustainable energy and we all have it somewhere in our heart and soul; but, sometimes it gets buried and we forget what it is like to have this special joy. I was fortunate enough to witness both the preparation before the show and the show itself. What a pleasure. These are the things that we hope our children will carry with them all the days of their lives. The happiness that such a small piece of life can bring to everyone who shares in it. Their expressions and comments were priceless. For the moment they have the world by the tail. We treasure these moments in the lives of our children and the memories that will live with us forever. The show was wonderful and so much camaraderie to put an event like this together. If only they could remember how they felt on this special day thirty years from now or when events in their lives occur that may be painful or difficult. It is such a special time and hopefully will be a keepsake of memories about their friends, hometown, parents, school, mentors and everything that is worth reminiscing about and remembering always.


That’s What Memories Are Made Of!


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