Our Redesigned Website has Arrived



Feeling very happy today as Matt launched our redesigned website which he has been working hard at producing. Scott and I have been working hard also on the outside to bring our “favorite things” directly to our customers. As I reminisce today looking back to 2012 when we began our journey, I think of this quote by Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.” Wow, that makes you think. I have been so fortunate to work with family and my best supporter for 53 years, my husband, to make this dream come true. Lucky for me that I have two great talented sons who care enough to be part of it too.

Thinking back to my childhood, I was always interested in design and it is surprising that I never pursued that interest and instead took another career road. I have been blessed to always have been employed in fields that I really liked. But today I have been working on a late career that is really fun. I like what I do and feel fortunate to share these creations with many people. The most rewarding gifts for me are the responses from my customers for whom I have made inspirational and memorable gifts for loved ones. It is like sharing part of yourself with so many wonderful people and being part of their memories.

We hope to continue providing the best of the best to everyone. We also want to bring our own experiences to life and to share them. Our goals are to make others happy and give them something to enjoy. Our photographs are a special gift to those who are homebound and just want to look at a beautiful picture of the state they love. We hope to share these with the world. We also want to bring into our area, pictures and items we find pleasing from our travels and our past. We will keep on striving for quality and excellence in our creative designs.

We always want to reach out and touch someone. We hope you will take a peek at what we have been working on and think of us when you are looking for that special gift. It is a blessing when you have so much to be thankful for. We wish you and yours a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. I’ll end with another great quote (I always need inspiration) by Harriet Tubman, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” That’s what memories are made of!

NEWS – BEAUTIFUL BUTTE PRODUCTS are now available at Crafters Square Pet Central

crafterssign_smallbcmug_small Beautiful-Butte_copy_small BellDiamondMine_small buttehighmug_small central_mousepad_small copperwaterbottle_large_small  dogtreats_small DSCN1872_copy_2_small homemadedogtreats_small IMG_7641_large_small kortni_small pajamaeater_small storeshot_small totellthetruthdesignswallet_small
Beautiful Butte Products are now available at Crafter’s Square Pet Central, 319 S. Montana Street, Butte, Montana

We are proud to announce that Crafters Square and Pet Central are now carrying our Beautiful Butte Products.  Crafters Square and Pet Central is a unique store located at 319 S. Montana Street in Butte, Montana (across from Subway).  The owners are two very creative and ambitious young women and I am happy to be associated with them along with other consignees.  Pet Central (Virginia Williford) is a store that offers:  Homemade dog, cat and horse treats.  Dog and horse birthday cakes; leashes and collars as well as pet clothing and more.  They also have a self-serve dog shower.

Crafters Square (Christina Willis) is a creative artist and talented seamstress.  Her label is “ToTellTheTuthDesigns.”  She offers purses, wallets, bags, aprons, blankets, stuffed animals, scarves, hats and clothing.  Home decor, jewelry, collectibles, paracord items, children and baby items.  Artwork and wood carvings.   Love her “pajama eaters” a perfect gift for a toddler and young child.  Christina’s work is wonderful and this store helps to fill the void of the shops we do not have here in Butte.

Many other artisans’ works are available.  We hope that you will stop in the store to see all of the unique items available; give your dog a bath or a treat; and browse the artists’ works.  You may discover something you have been longing for.  We hope you wish everyone success in their endeavors.

That’s what memories are made of!



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Beautiful Butte Celebrates 2nd Anniversary Sale

BellDiamondMine_small cloudonthemountain_small copperwaterbottle_large_small DSCN1872_copy_2_small newquicknote_large_small playingcards_large_small small_Butte_America_cutting_board_large_small

This month, we are celebrating the second anniversary of our business.  I began this adventure in August of 2012.   I had many pictures of flowers from a trip to Pennsylvania and feeling melancholy because they were so beautiful and no one would ever get to see them.  One day I woke up and told my husband  I was going to start a business; he had been through this several times before.  And so it all began.  I asked my son Matt to help me with a website and he did,  many times and still is, until we found what we liked and it felt right.   I cannot thank my family and friends enough for all the support.

At first it started as a hobby; but then it grew and progressed as I became further involved.  Matt helped me with a new website and it was a lot of work.  He designed the site many nights after work and in between keeping his own online business updated.  I had many helpful hints from others along with my own ideas, and he put it together for me. Then my son Scott decided he liked taking pictures as he travels throughout the state of Montana.  So I began to increase the number of products with various other pictures from Scott and lots of help from Matt.  The business began to progress to where it is today.

I had so much support from my friends and family.  Carmella at the Petunia Factory and Denise from Chuck’s Custom Floors were the first ladies to purchase gifts and encouraged me all the way.  The same is true of Monica Evans of Cavanaugh’s County Celtic store; Rose from Instyprints; Karen at Joe’s Pasties; Stephanie Sorini at the Chamber of Commerce; Heidi Rosenleaf and John and Courtney McKee for our first photography show; and many others..  Also, Sue Clark Jones from the Made in Montana Program helped me so much.  Tammy, the lady who does my sublimation is so wonderful to work with and an expert in her field.  We only discovered her on the internet by accident; Matt, typed in a word one night and there she was.  I would not have a business if it were not for her.  It has been an exciting and very rewarding journey.  I must give thanks to my most talented sons who share their knowledge with me every day, as well as their talents; and, of course, my husband, who encourages me and supports me every step of the way, as usual.  He is the strong man of the group and is always by my side when I need him.  I am so grateful to all the businesses who supported me and still do when they did not even know who I was and if I would be around for long term.  The customers have been the best and open to our products and gifts.  It has been so much fun, and a lot of work, for all of us and we hope to continue to grow and provide the best quality and most unique gifts we can.  Our keepsakes are a legacy for all to express your love and memories.  Our sale is on until the end of August and is $5.00 off your order and there may be a free shipping bonus on some products.   Hopefully, you enjoy visiting with us at the Farmer’s Market and elsewhere, as well as online at our gift shop.

That’s what memories are made of!


Source: Beautiful Butte Blog

Beautiful Butte Artwork at Headframe Spirits Distillery

cloudonthemountain_small distillery_small DSCN1872_copy_2_small Telsted_Homestead_tonemapped_copy_2_small Yellowstone_copy_small

On June 5th we were invited to display our photography at the Headframe Spirits Distillery owned by John and Courtney McKee.  Heidi Rosenleaf is the tasting room manager who arranged for this display in 2013 and it finally came about in June.

We were so excited about this venture, being that this was the first time we have shown our photographs by Scott T. Campbell and Pat Campbell.   We had a wonderful time and it also took place at the same time as a special for teachers who were celebrating the end of the school year.  We met a lot of new people and touched base with those that we haven’t seen for awhile.  Our photography consists of photographs printed on canvas, wood, aluminum and acrylics.  They are gallery wrapped or framed according to our taste and sense of what we like best.  They can be ordered in any format.

The distillery is not a bar, but rather a tasting room.  As provisioned in the Montana State Code when distilling was legalized:  “Two ounces per person per day – sale of two bottles per person per day.”  Only alcohol which was produced by the distillery is served.  The name is taken from the headframes that dot the landscape in uptown Butte.  The distillery was founded in 2010.  The distillery expresses a fondness for spirits along with a love of the rich history of our community.  The bar is the original Rocky Mountain Bar, on loan from the World Museum of Mining.  That is our goal as photographers; to bring to life the richness in Butte as it is today through the people and the surroundings.

It is so wonderful to be sharing our inspiration and interpretation of Butte and all of Montana.  We also print pictures from throughout the United States and Canada.  Our photograph portfolio is an expression of our passion for nature, landscape, scenery and  people from all walks of life and anything else we find inspiring.

I can’t say enough for the hospitality and friendliness expressed by John, Courtney and Heidi.  They are wonderful people dedicated to bringing this city back to life.  They contribute so much in many ways to the community and encourage new artists to follow their dream.

We hope you will visit our site www.montanacreativegifts.com or look for us at the local farmers’ market and bazaars; or call us to see our portfolio.

Information on the distillery is courtesy of Headframe Spirits.

Come and drink in the spirit of Butte and look for us around town as we display our photography throughout the community.

That’s what memories are made of!


Happy New Year Everyone

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We hope to bring the past into the present and then into the future for 2014 through the eye of our lens. It has been a wonderful 2013 and we thank everyone who supported us. We love what we do and hope you enjoy our visions as we see them. We will continue to show the beautiful side of our city and the majesty of Montana as Scott travels throughout the state.  We will also be showing you some of the southwest as Pat travels to Arizona and Matt lives in Vegas (where many Butte natives reside).  We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful country and as you know, our friends and neighbors continue to live in various parts of it.  We hope to touch everyone who has memories of Butte and that will also be our goal to “reach out and touch someone” and bring a smile to their faces.  We hope that you will contact us and let us know about someone you love or know who has moved away.   Faith, Family, Love is the inspiration for our journey.  

That’s what memories are made of!

Happy New Year Everyone Pat, Scott and Matt

Merry Christmas from Beautiful Butte

DSCN7169-1_small DSCN7175-1_small IMG_8283_small

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from Beautiful Butte.  Just a few pictures that are reminiscent of this mining city.  We know that all you folks who are throughout our great country and who are originally from Butte will find these pictures special.  We are so grateful for everything that has happened with our business and our goal in the coming year will be to reach each and everyone of you and to bring a piece of home to your hearts.  That will be our gift to you next year.  The lights are lit uptown; we have had wonderful Christmas events, Festival of Trees won by the Petunia Factory; Montana Tech Bazaar; Winter Bazaar and Hillcrest Bazaar at the Civic Center; a very cold Christmas stroll and so many other wonderful entertaining events too numerous to list.  Our city is progressing and it is wonderful to see so many businesses created by the younger people who either are from our community or who have come to this city from elsewhere.  We welcome all!!  the Chamber of Commerce is a huge part of our reaching people from all walks of life and keeps this city growing.  It seems as if every person who lives here wants to participate in making this town come back to life.  We are so thankful!

That’s what makes memories!


Winter Bazaar


Thank you to all who came out to see us this weekend at the Winter Bazaar. Your business is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Ribbon Cutting


Thank you to all who came out last night for our Ribbon Cutting. A special thanks to the Chamber for making it a great night. We enjoyed meeting new people and seeing old friends. You all made it a wonderful night. Now on to the Winter Bazaar. Hope to see you all there.

First Wedding Fair

IMG_7983_777b7d68-e93d-4d81-9a13-2dc51c5d59fd_small IMG_7985_b7d2c542-75c5-4c3e-86c7-d04ea95619cc_small IMG_7986_67acfe84-4062-4227-af09-e0b58814c302_small

We had a great time at the wedding fair on Saturday. Thank you Paul Thomas. It was a lot of fun showing our beautiful products that are keepsakes for brides, grooms, their special groomsmen and bridesmaids. We create a line of products that are specialized and personalized for each person and will be forever in the hearts of the receivers. It is wonderful to be a part of the happy time in the life of a couple and their family as they share with us some of their special moments, thoughts and dreams.

Memories are made of this!


Butte Farmers Market


This year I went to and sold products at the Butte Farmers Market for the first time. Took me several weeks to get ready for it. Acquiring all the various things you need takes a bit of time. But finally we were ready. It was quite a cool day and rather windy. That didn’t help to keep my sign from blowing around. It was a great experience and one I hope to keep on doing in the future. It is exciting to share your enthusiasm with other people. Sharing their products and your own is a lot of fun. Met some really helpful people, lady named Loretta, and a couple from Anaconda. They gave me a lot of wonderful advice. Got a little help from my friends; Delores helped me to sell my products and my friend, Robbi, was my first ever customer. Sold a very unique and one of a kind water bottle to an old friend from Lewistown. I had a wonderful time and received support from so many people to continue in the future. The other vendors were so much fun and the wonderful produce from people from Missoula was a delicious treat for all of us. I couldn’t finish out the rest of the summer; only got to do two Saturdays. I am hoping I will be able to do more next year. It is really something to look forward to.

Memories are made of this!