Treasures and Keepsakes in your Recipe Box

  • Do you have keepsakes and treasures in your recipe box.  A few nights ago, while making dinner, and reminiscing about a friend from the past, I remembered a recipe that she gave to me fifty years ago.  I started to think how much we are connected to each other through food.  
  • In my recipe box I have recipes from long ago; my friend Sheila has given me several of her grandmother’s recipes that she keeps in her recipe box and they are handwritten by her grandmother. 
  • I have recipes from wonderful Italian ladies that I received from them after I got married.  One was a lady I worked with almost 50 years ago and she just celebrated her 90th birthday. She lives in Pennsylvania.  The other was a fantastic cook who was the mother of our best man.  I really like Italian cooking and enjoyed every minute at her home.  
  • I learned to cook German food from my grade school friend.  Her parents owned a bakery and they opened my eyes to great German cooking.
  • My mother-in-law taught me to cook with her recipes.  She was a great cook and I learned to make my husband’s favorite recipes.
  • A lady I bowled with for several years gave me many dessert recipes and she passed away in her 90’s.
  • I lived in the Philadelphia area and there are so many ethnic groups such rich culture that made me want to learn how to cook; Polish, Irish, German and many other ethnic dishes.
  • New York also has their many specialties and I was exposed to these cultures growing up.
  • My own family is blessed with many wonderful cooks who are always willing to share their recipes.
  • I was blessed with some Norwegian recipes while traveling with my husband in his job in Hamilton, Montana from a lady we rented a cabin from.  We have enjoyed southern and South West recipes in our travels.  We are so fortunate to have had relationships with all these women who loved to share their craft.
  • Now that I live in Butte, Montana I have been exposed to Irish, Slavakian, Polish, Italian and many other ethnic dishes.
  • Unfortunately, for me I have many wonderful dishes that my own mother cooked while growing up;  but I never thought to write them down and I regret this because these are so much a part of who I am today..

Food is a connection for us to so many people, family, relatives, people we meet along the way and we never realize how blessed we are to have known these great women.  When you cook their recipes, it brings them to mind along with many happy memories.  

Life is a joy and we celebrate with feasts a lot of the time.  But we should not forget those who are less fortunate and the times in our own lives when we had less than we have today.

That’s what memories are made of!



Memorial Keepsakes

In_Memory_Dad_and_Son_small In_Memory_My_Dad_small In_Memory_of_Dad_small

Beautiful Butte has begun to make memorial keepsake boxes for those families who have lost their loved ones.  We just recently presented these boxes to Wayrynen-Richards funeral home, Duggan Dolan Mortuary and Axelson Alternative Cremation and they have agreed to offer this keepsake to the families they serve.  We are very excited about this opportunity to offer our personal touch to those who are grieving,  or who have lost someone in the past.  These boxes are a treasure and can be designed with any text you wish,  as well as a picture or design of your choice,  in remembrance of the person you care about.  It is something special to pass on through the years;  and makes a wonderful gift in lieu of flowers, for someone you know who has lost a loved one.   Memorabilia can be placed in this memory box and it becomes a special place that holds the tokens that belonged to someone dear.  We personally share a special moment when you decide how you would like the box to look; you share what it will represent.  We have been doing these boxes now for almost two years and decided to branch out and share these with the community we live in.  There is a bond that occurs when you make something for someone who is trying to find a way to express their sorrow;  or, in remembrance of someone very special.  We are so moved to be part of this experience.  We hope to touch the hearts of people with our sentiments and empathy when we share their memories.  We hope to help them celebrate the life of someone who meant so much to them.  Life is a gift,  and memories are precious as they help us to heal and replace our sorrow with joy and comfort.

That’s what memories are made of!




What is the meaning of “Keepsakes”

centralnecklace_small irishmug_small kristacharmbracelet_small Megan_small

What does the word “keepsake” mean to me? When you look at that little gift that your grandmother gave to you when you were very young. Does it bring back memories of her smile and her gentle way? Does it bring tears to your eyes when you look at something your young son or daughter made for you in school or for a special occasion? What about that engagement ring or wedding picture?  For me, the meaning of a “keepsake” is – Keepsakes are a gift from the heart given to someone who is cared for deeply. They are a precious item that will not only last a lifetime and beyond; but will live in your heart forever. Keepsakes bring smiles to our faces, tears to our eyes and so many happy memories to mind. Keepsakes are meant to be a cherished gift.

What is the meaning of a “keepsake” you give?  How do you choose a keepsake? Do you think about the person you are giving it to; how important to you are they in your life; their laughter; the joy they bring to you. Many emotions come to you at the time you are selecting this memento.

What is the  meaning of a “keepsake” that you receive?  It is also wonderful to be on the receiving end of the keepsake. It means that you are very special to the person who chose this gift for you and that you will think of them always. You know how much you mean to them and that they are grateful to have you in their life. They want you to remember them each time you look at this gift. They will be with you always.

Keepsakes come in different forms. There are keepsake boxes; keepsakes especially handmade for you or designed for you; from experiences and travels.  It could be a lock of hair, a seashell, a piece of jewelry, or so much more. They come from family, friends, loved ones; and people we have met on our journey through our life. All have a special significance to you and the person who gives it to you. Some keepsakes are collections of a special interest. Keepsake collections can begin with a gift from someone, or something you started for yourself and people have added to because they care about you.

“Keepsakes” are forever and a reminder that you are special to someone in your life; or that you care deeply for someone. They are chosen with love.

That’s what memories are made of!