Orna-Metal De-Signs

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Orna-metal De-Signs by Beautiful Butte

Print on metal! When you select our prints which are printed on a brilliant bright, clear, glossy white base, we will showcase your image while maintaining true white and brilliant colors that pop!

Our prints are designed especially for you.  They come in sizes 8 x 10 to 30 x 40 and have various options for mounting and hanging such as:

  •  float mount 1/2” (stand out mount) available for all sizes
  • metal easel (available for some sizes)
  • rounded corners –   all four corners of the print are rounded
  • drill top 2 corners (holes drilled in the two top corners)
  • drill all 4 corners (holes drilled in all four corners of the print)
  • Hanging Kit (top) holes drilled in the 2 top corners of the print and the kit includes 2 chain link sections for hanging
  • Hanging Kit (top and bottom) hole drilled in all 4 corners of the print, includes 2 chain link sections for hanging

There is an additional charge for the mounting options.

All prints are customized and personalized and guaranteed 100%.

Our Heritage Metals are designed with your ethnic history in mind. 

Colors and designs are complementary and we can print any text or design you choose on your metal.

You can contact us directly for a quote.

A proof will be sent to you before printing the picture.

We hope to be part of your family memories because we believe;

That’s what memories are made of!


Canvas Prints

cambree_s_4th_birthday_for_print_small Greeting_the_Morning_large_f2c398e1-f987-41ff-8c3f-5edf90832073_small huck_small W-Crowe-Hursh-640_small yellowstonecopy_small

What is so special about a canvas print? A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto a canvas which is either stretched and framed or gallery wrapped and displayed, Canvas prints may be the focal of an interior design or customized with personal photographs and hung in various arrangements. The canvas print material is generally cotton or plastic based poly canvas. A print that is designed to continue around the edges of a stretcher frame, once gallery wrapped, is known as full-bleed. This can be used to enhance the three dimensional effect of the mounted print. Canvas prints are often used as an alternative to the more expensive artwork.

If you have never seen a canvas that has been made from a digital photo, then you are in for a treat. Taking a favorite photo and creating timeless fine art canvas prints is a wonderful gift, or just a great addition to contemporary home design. You should take a good look at your photo in order to configure the exact color and tone to make it look as close to real as is possible. Canvas prints go in any room and you will often see them in the latest magazines, coffee shops and restaurants.

Canvas will make your work really stand out. They can pull a room together. Most canvases can be framed with a float frame for a more modern look. Think of the pictures you really want to highlight a room, such as, pictures of the family trip to the mountains or beach, pictures of your garden for the kitchen, pictures of your flowers for the dining room. Pictures grouped together for a certain impact. Well planned picture hanging adds visual excitement to your prints. You can print such things as: quotations, graphic designs, collections of your own artistic photography, pictures of your childrens’ artwork. Canvas prints are the perfect way to personalize your home.

Canvas printing is timeless. A topcoat of lacquer is put on top of the canvas photo to give it a true feeling of a painting. This gives the image a “painted” effect. A painting can be split into multiple panels for added visual effect. They can be hung in a humid part of the home, such as the kitchen or bathroom. It all depends on your tastes or preferences. A canvas print has the benefit of not producing glare; painted textures and vibrant colors look beautiful.

Your canvas pictures will look as if the subject in a portrait will “pop” right out of the scene. There is nothing I can say other than it is my favorite choice for a photograph to “come to life.”  The pictures above are a part of our “Beautiful Butte” collection.  A beautiful morning scene in Kalispell, Montana.  Family pictures.  Yellowstone Falls in Montana and Wyoming.  Montana is a picturesque state and you will find many scenic pictures on our site.  Butte is an historic town and, therefore, a photographer’s dream.  

That’s what memories are made of!


Inspirational Christmas Cards

Gardenia_small Sugar_Plum_House_Christmas_Card_small

We have a unique line of Christmas cards that are the pictures of a local designer.  They are an unusual set of pictures, inspirational verses and messages.  I took these pictures a year ago and liked them so much that I will be making a new collection each year.  They are made from a very good card stock and printed locally in Butte.  If you are interested in supporting your local shops, please take a peek at these cards and we have a special going on right now that you might be interested in checking out.  Christmas is so much fun and it is the time to send that special person something different, rather than your ordinary store variety and it is also less expensive and therefore easy on your pocketbook.   Check out these cards on our website under “Gift Ideas.”

That’s what memories are made of!


Our Inspiration – The Travona Gallows Frame

frosted_GF_stein_small Stainless_Mug_small gallus_frame_box_small Original_Travona_small

The beginning inspiration for our Butte Collection was the Travona Gallows Frame  in Butte, Montana.  The Travona is the site of the oldest hard rock mine in Butte.  It was the site of a major silver discovery in January of 1875 by William Farlin that launched Butte into a new era of mining prosperity.  

The mine closed in 1893 due to the repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act and the resulting plunge in silver prices.  William A. Clark secured exclusive ownership by 1904 and the property was sold to the ACM Company in 1929.  

coffee_tumbler_small waterbottle_small

Travona Gallows Frame

Copper Colored Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles  

Manganese began to be mined in the late teens of the Twentieth Century.  The  mine was also operated as a silver mine off and on until 1942 when extensive manganese reserves were removed to support the war effort.  The steel head frame was moved to the current site from the Pennsylvania Mine in 1940.  There is no more important symbol of Butte than its head frames.  Many of these steel structures have been preserved.  They represent Butte’s mining heritage.  The mines helped to support the many immigrant families who moved here in search of their American dream.  

Travona_on_Canvas_small gf_cutting_board1_small

                                                                                     Travona Gallows Frame

                                                             Canvas Print                                               Cutting Board

The Travona is located on the lower west side of Butte and was the first head frame to be lit in honor of what they represent. After that lighting, a project remains ongoing to continue to light the existing head frames.

Memories are made of these!