Empty Bowls Butte Emergency Food Bank Event

empty-bowls-1What a community Event.  Great support for a needy cause.  Empty Bowls is an annual dinner event supporting the Butte Emergency Food Bank’s Backpack Program. You can enjoy a bowl of soup donated by local businesses with family and friends. When you take home a ceramic bowl, you are reminded that you help fill someone else’s empty bowl.

The Backpack Program provides weekend meals and snacks for students. With these backpacks, students are more attentive in classes, retain more information, and have better moods to welcome classroom activities and homework.
The more money we raise for the program, the greater number of Backpacks we can fill. Our goal is to fuel the youth of our Butte community so they can use the best of their education to make good life decisions. (Printed from an article in the Montana Standard).

empty-bowls-3I have always felt that it would be the worst situation, not to be able to feed my children.  Thank God, I have never had to worry about that.  I worked many years in human services and witnessed people who were desperate.  We have a tendency in this society to judge the people who receive benefits, as if they are not “worthy;”  even though most of us have never experienced such a helpless situation in our own lives.  We need to be thankful.  I try not to judge.  We never know when we will be in the same line as the needy.  We have no control over situational or inherited life events and neither do our children.   We are asked only to be the ones to help those who have less.   Reach out and touch someone; we never know when we will wish for the same.  I try not to analyze the situation  and not to look back;  “Just Do It” and move on.  You will be blessed.

This is what memories are made of!


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