Gathering of the Gaels at the Original

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The idea for the reunion was born when we two friends, who had not seen one another in years, decided to take a walk through the neighborhoods of our youth.  Along this walk, we would stop and reflect on who lived where, which kids we played with, bike paths we rode on, lots we played on, train tracks we jumped over, tunnels we played in and “mountains” we climbed up and sled down.  Of course the lots are long gone, many families have moved, kids are grown, bike paths are long overgrown, train tracks have been replaced with beautiful walking paths, tunnels are no longer as scary, and the “mountains” of our youth are just hills now.  Who ever thought “super fund” would so profoundly change our childhood memories.  As kids we saw nothing wrong with playing along a mine dump.  At the end of the walk we decided to invite everyone from the neighborhoods of St. Mary’s parish to a reunion.

Thanks to Deb Shea and Pat Kunkel on the Gatherine Gaels website .

The reunion was held 9/6/14 at the Original mine yard and my husband and I were fortunate enough to be invited, even though we were not members of any of the neighborhoods.  It was really fun and full of so much enthusiasm.  A gorgeous sunny day in Butte, Montana.  The music was festive and everyone seemed to be in such good spirits as they reminisced.  We saw several people we have met since moving to Butte and even if we did not know them, they made us feel at home.  The church is a beautiful site and we took many pictures.   I’m sure it took hours and  hours since they began in March to gather pictures, etc. to display and it was a joy to see the pictures from the past.  Full of pride family members and their descendants attended and renewed old friendships.  They danced to the music of the group “Slice In Time” and feasted on the great food provided by the Lions Club.  There was so much history displayed at the beautiful church and they had a silent auction as a fundraiser.

It is such a pleasure to meet these people who mean so much to each other; as most of us do when we gather with the friends and family we grew up with.  Even though we did not live here as children, it brought to our minds all the people who have touched our lives and meant so much to us from a distance 2500 miles away.  In the end, we all share similar memories and friendships and the world goes ’round for all of us in the same way.  We all feel the sadness at the loss of people we shared our lives with and the joy of our experiences,  whether it be in our childhood, young adulthood, or throughout the chapters of our later lives.   Thanks to all for making us part of your celebration.  We are all so blessed to have family and friends near and far.

That’s What Memories Are Made Of!



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