Gifts Given and Gifts Received

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Blessings have always been a part of my life.  As a young person and early adult I didn’t appreciate how fortunate I was to have had the experiences and the people who were in my life.   In retrospect, many people touched my life in different ways, my parents, relatives, friends, teachers,  and so on.  Looking back I was so empowered by so many.  Teachers leave their mark on you, whether it is good or not so good.  As I think about the past, I realize that I would not have had the career I have had if it were not for my high school business teacher who taught me how important it is to believe in yourself and to stand out among the rest.  The work ethic she instilled in me affected me all of my life.  Be proud of who you are; present yourself well; give above and beyond 100%; respect others; use your talents; and continue to learn the rest of your life.

Then the gift of children with a wonderful husband.   We were not blessed with a family right away and our journey took many paths.  Then we had two sons who came into our lives; maybe the timing was not the best and we didn’t have the patience we should have had and that we now have as grandparents.  But, as with most parents, they are the light of our lives and we did the best we could.  We are now blessed with two beautiful grandchildren and they really do come into your life when you are much more relaxed and perhaps able to enjoy them a little more than you could your children.

We receive so many gifts in our life; not material gifts, but gifts of love, kindness and all the things that really matter.  We give to our children and each other every day and some days are more difficult than others.  When we have our children we think that all is well and then we realize that they don’t always want to do what we want.  Surprise!  As the years go by, we don’t appreciate how blessed we are and the time passes quickly.

Now I have a business with my adult children and I look at them from a very different perspective.  Matt has the gift of words and expression and motivation to succeed.  He worked hard to get through college; both in a job and his learning.  He has the talent to communicate and reaches out and cares deeply about others.  He has finally achieved his dream and works in the field he loves.    Scott has the motivation to succeed and has overcome many obstacles to achieve his dream job.  He has the talent to express himself  through his photography and has always been artistic.  He’s a good father.  He’s a good problem solver and logical.  He keeps his feelings to himself.   The gifts they have given me are far beyond any parents hopes.  We share our motivation to succeed, creative ability, work ethic, love for nature and people, the desire to reach out and touch others and to appreciate our God-given blessings.  They also share their father’s work ethic, discipline and motivation, love for nature and ability to joke.

So, we give gifts to those we love and care about and we receive gifts from those we love and care about.  It’s not about things; it is about human caring for each other.  What more could anyone ask?

That’s what memories are made of!



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