Inspirational Butte Woman – Jeanette Kappes

jeannette1_largeJeanette Kappes is an amazing young woman.  I met Jeanette many years ago when I worked with her sister, Tina.  Jeanette graduated from Butte High School.  She moved out of town and was employed by Nordstrom’s.  I think she must have grown to like the finer things of life while there.  She eventually returned to Butte.  She was married and had one son Jackson, who just recently turned 21 years old.  After returning to Butte she gave birth to another son, Jonathan, who would fit in the palm of your hand at the time he was born.  One can only imagine the struggles and emotions that she endured and were necessary to raise him to be the beautiful boy he is today.

Jeanette has been through many trials and tribulations in her young life and always remains the same optimistic, enthusiastic person.  She and her sister, Tina, had an amazing relationship and were so much fun to be around.  Unfortunately, Tina passed away two years ago, but she remains in the hearts and minds, not only of her sister, but all those who knew her to be a quiet, kind person who always smiled and tried to help others.  She left behind a son and daughter who are so very close to their aunt Jeanette.  Jeanette began working with her mom, Carol, who owns Crazee Carol’s Casino.  She is a night owl and is usually there in the evening; although, I am sure she probably works 24/7.  The business is a wonderful place to meet people and Jeanette makes it so welcoming with all kinds of events going on all the time and they have a wonderful staff.  Jeanette is a special person.

Her enthusiastic attitude and love of life are infectious.  You can’t help but laugh when you are around her and she always makes you feel so special.  She is a lovely Butte woman.  It seems as if she can handle anything that comes her way.  She is helping her mom deal with the process of aging along with everything else that seems to be part of her life.  To describe Jeanette, you would have to say, loving, kind, generous,  full of fun,  zest for life; and she brings sunshine into your soul when you’re around her.  She is a blessing.  I’m glad to call her my friend.

That’s what happiness is and that is what memories are made of!


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