Inspirational Butte Women – Christina Willis

christina_smallChristina Willis is an inspirational young woman.  She is the designer of beautiful gift items by “To Tell The Truth Designs” on Etsy;  and, she is the store manager of a Butte store “Crafters Square and Pet Central” on Montana Street.  Christina moved to Butte from California and is actively pursuing a career in design, production, marketing and store management.  She has many years experience in the sales and marketing field; as well as, sewing and handmade crafts.  In addition to being a mom of two young boys, wife, entrepreneur and so on, she is a very nice person.  

I met Christina at the Farmers’ Market last year and we became friends.  She invited me to sell my Beautiful Butte products in her store on consignment and I was pleased she considered me.  I am happy to be part of her venture.  She is a skilled seamstress and designer.  Her products are of the highest quality and very unique.  You cannot purchase a nicer product like hers in this city.  She continues to amaze me with her energy, motivation and skills.  She is the kind of person whose mind goes twenty-four hours a day.  Christina has a knack for delightful designs.  She has special items for children, women, the home and she seems to be able to produce anything she thinks about or sees.   If you are a person who enjoys custom designs for special people based on their interests, hobbies, likes, etc.;  Christina is the one to get in touch with.  

In Butte we don’t have many options and her store fills the gap.  It’s wonderful not to have to go out of town to purchase something special.  Also, the people who have their products in the store are very talented people and unique designers.  Their products answer the need for something different.  It is so nice to see a young woman with so many aspirations and the drive and motivation to succeed while not compromising her personal life.  Her personality is one filled with hospitality, joy and confidence and her smile will make your day.  I’m glad to call her my friend.

That’s what memories are made of!



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