Memorial Keepsakes

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Beautiful Butte has begun to make memorial keepsake boxes for those families who have lost their loved ones.  We just recently presented these boxes to Wayrynen-Richards funeral home, Duggan Dolan Mortuary and Axelson Alternative Cremation and they have agreed to offer this keepsake to the families they serve.  We are very excited about this opportunity to offer our personal touch to those who are grieving,  or who have lost someone in the past.  These boxes are a treasure and can be designed with any text you wish,  as well as a picture or design of your choice,  in remembrance of the person you care about.  It is something special to pass on through the years;  and makes a wonderful gift in lieu of flowers, for someone you know who has lost a loved one.   Memorabilia can be placed in this memory box and it becomes a special place that holds the tokens that belonged to someone dear.  We personally share a special moment when you decide how you would like the box to look; you share what it will represent.  We have been doing these boxes now for almost two years and decided to branch out and share these with the community we live in.  There is a bond that occurs when you make something for someone who is trying to find a way to express their sorrow;  or, in remembrance of someone very special.  We are so moved to be part of this experience.  We hope to touch the hearts of people with our sentiments and empathy when we share their memories.  We hope to help them celebrate the life of someone who meant so much to them.  Life is a gift,  and memories are precious as they help us to heal and replace our sorrow with joy and comfort.

That’s what memories are made of!




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