Merry Christmas from Beautiful Butte

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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from Beautiful Butte.  Just a few pictures that are reminiscent of this mining city.  We know that all you folks who are throughout our great country and who are originally from Butte will find these pictures special.  We are so grateful for everything that has happened with our business and our goal in the coming year will be to reach each and everyone of you and to bring a piece of home to your hearts.  That will be our gift to you next year.  The lights are lit uptown; we have had wonderful Christmas events, Festival of Trees won by the Petunia Factory; Montana Tech Bazaar; Winter Bazaar and Hillcrest Bazaar at the Civic Center; a very cold Christmas stroll and so many other wonderful entertaining events too numerous to list.  Our city is progressing and it is wonderful to see so many businesses created by the younger people who either are from our community or who have come to this city from elsewhere.  We welcome all!!  the Chamber of Commerce is a huge part of our reaching people from all walks of life and keeps this city growing.  It seems as if every person who lives here wants to participate in making this town come back to life.  We are so thankful!

That’s what makes memories!


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