Motherly Love


On this most beautiful day in beautiful Butte, Montana, I am reminded of so many blessings that have been given to me and there are some thoughts I would like to share.

Now that Mother’s Day is almost here, I’d like to share my insights which are from the experiences in my lifetime.  Where would we be without our “moms”?  Words cannot express the love, respect and admiration we have for our mothers.  But, not all of us are mothers.  That does not mean that we are not motherly.  There are many women who do not have children and that is what I would like to touch on.  Remembering back over the years, we had a pastor in our church who I will never forget; and his Mother’s Day message always brought to the front those women who have not been blessed with children either by choice or otherwise.  There are many wonderful women who deserve to be honored on this day because of their motherly nature and devotion.  There are many women caregivers, nurses, foster grandparents, foster parents, teachers, aunts, sisters, neighbors, nuns and the religious orders, military women and many more who share their love everyday with someone.  There is also Mother Nature and Mother Earth who nurture us every day of our lives.  Many women care for animals;  women who minister to the sick and to those who are incarcerated; so many expressions of love.  Motherly love is in the heart, spirit, soul and nature of a woman.  They share their lives, sacrifice and give to others on a daily basis.  There are many women who have a career and cater to their clientele in a friendly, sincere manner with loyalty and integrity.  Women who serve the needy in human resources.  Many women sacrifice to give to others all over the world; to educate and reach other young women in foreign countries; and, to empower them to grow and become so much more than they would be in their present environment.  Think about the women you know.

 So, at this special time, let us reach out to these women and give thanks for all the loving women who touch our lives every day.  We are so blessed!

That is what memories are made of!


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