Our Inspiration – The Travona Gallows Frame

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The beginning inspiration for our Butte Collection was the Travona Gallows Frame  in Butte, Montana.  The Travona is the site of the oldest hard rock mine in Butte.  It was the site of a major silver discovery in January of 1875 by William Farlin that launched Butte into a new era of mining prosperity.  

The mine closed in 1893 due to the repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act and the resulting plunge in silver prices.  William A. Clark secured exclusive ownership by 1904 and the property was sold to the ACM Company in 1929.  

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Travona Gallows Frame

Copper Colored Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles  

Manganese began to be mined in the late teens of the Twentieth Century.  The  mine was also operated as a silver mine off and on until 1942 when extensive manganese reserves were removed to support the war effort.  The steel head frame was moved to the current site from the Pennsylvania Mine in 1940.  There is no more important symbol of Butte than its head frames.  Many of these steel structures have been preserved.  They represent Butte’s mining heritage.  The mines helped to support the many immigrant families who moved here in search of their American dream.  

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                                                                                     Travona Gallows Frame

                                                             Canvas Print                                               Cutting Board

The Travona is located on the lower west side of Butte and was the first head frame to be lit in honor of what they represent. After that lighting, a project remains ongoing to continue to light the existing head frames.

Memories are made of these!


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