Photography is “Fun”

It is so much fun when you put your memory card or usb cord into your computer to upload your most recent pictures. It is especially exciting when you discover something so special that you could not see with your naked eye; only the lens of the camera picks up these hidden treasures. I took a picture of a beautiful orange rose in Balboa Park, San Diego only to discover the rose had a visitor on one of it’s petals (a big black ant). I’ve seen, through the camera, a lizard hiding beneath a cactus only covered by the flower. So many wonderful adventures lie ahead at any given moment. Nature always surprises you and teaches you so many lessons. I was so excited one day when I saw a cedar waxwing bird sitting in the flowering cherry tree in my driveway here in Butte. I didn’t know what kind of bird it was but it sat on the branch long enough for me to go and get my camera to take his picture; and lo and behold, there was just a faint shadow of another on the lower branch. It’s amazing.

Orange_Rose_with_Ant Bird_in_Flowering_Cherry_Tree_small

Memories are made of this!


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