Valentine’s Day – Share the Love

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These are some of my treasured pictures.   Beautiful children,  loving sentiments and gratefulness.

It’s the first sign that winter is over – Valentine’s Day.  Time to share the love.  Yes, we have many beautiful gifts in our shop, both locally and on line.  Gifts for the special people in your lives.  What does “share your love” mean to you.  As I am sitting here after so many disturbing events in the news today; it’s a good thing to assess what this means to me.  Of course, the people in our own personal family and friend circles mean so much.  I am so grateful.  We need to appreciate every day how blessed we are.  

The romantic days of when we first met our spouse and the adventures that ensued.  Treasures of the heart.  The birth of our first child and the wonderful and exciting challenges that came afterward.  The birth of the child who followed and how they opened our eyes to the difference in people and the thrill as they grow, sharing their interests, talents and personalities.  How fortunate we are.  Then the grandchildren who are special gifts to us parents.  Again, so much love and sharing in watching them grow and experience the wonderful gifts of love and the trials and challenges that we faced as children as well.  We all witness loss, grieving, happiness, love, sharing and so many other emotional times that hopefully, make us closer.  Not everyone is so lucky.

Now at this time in our lives with everything that we have experienced; it makes me think of the lonely, suffering, military men and women, homeless, the hungry, people all over the world who are not as fortunate to have the abundance of gifts we have in this country.  It only takes a minute to smile at someone and to possibly touch their lives in a special way.   It’s easy to be grumpy if we happen to feel that way; but, it takes only a minute to smile and the gift you receive will be so much more than the gift you gave.  Love comes in all packages and perhaps is an overused word.  Maybe we need to think of kindness, laughter, reaching out and just experiencing those special times when they happen.  When you shake a hand in church, it might be the only touch that person receives that day.  What a gift.  Special Gifts for Special People don’t  have to be material gifts.  It can be a glance, warm comment, compliment, touch or just showing that it matters.  Pray for peace both in our nation and around the world.  Hugs mean so much.  Blessed are we.  Make every day special.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

That’s what memories are made of!


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